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HONDA CB 1300 A-5



Colour Body Type Fuel Type Transmission Engine Capacity Mileage


2007 (07) 13237 Miles. Engine Bars, Radiator Guard, Tinted Screen, Rear Hugger and a FUEL Race Exhaust.

Honda, the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world since 1959, introduced the naked Honda CB1300 in the year 2003. In 2004, the CB1300S version was launched. The enormous silencer, the big tank, and the huge engine impressed the bike lovers, and the CB1300S became an instant hit. In 2007, Honda made the ABS as a standard option on all CB1300Ss. In 2011, two new versions were made available to the public- the Honda CB1300A and CB1300SA.

A few facts about Honda CB1300S

  • The CB1300S C-ABS is considered as the king of the Naked stable of Honda.

  • The bike has retro styling centers around its massive engine.

  • The bike provides a strong acceleration, which is not only exhilarating but also helps to give the rider maximum confidence, especially with the ABS option.

  • The seat of CB1300S provides ‘more-than-enough’ pillion space.

  • The bike has a concealed storage space which is lockable, under the seat. This is very helpful during those British winters when you need to wear Gortex or carry your wet gears with you. The storage box has a capacity of 12.5lt. It is ideal to store your wet weather gear or anything that you usually carry. The fact that it is lockable, and concealed, gives you that extra peace of mind.

  • The tinted and the distinctive half-fairing windscreen offers enough protection for the rider from wind fatigue at top speeds.

  • The integrated air vents at the front of the bike help to deflect the air away from the rider.

  • The front styling of the bike is aerodynamic and compact.

  • The bike is fitted with the Ignition Security System from Honda. The system will allow the bike to be started only with the original encoded keys. The combined Antilock Brake System helps to balance the rear and front braking control. Depending on the conditions of the road, the system will counteract tyre slip while braking. The bike is also equipped with the Evolutional Catalysing System of Honda. This oxygen-sensing system helps the bike to maintain an optimal level of air-fuel mixture to reduce exhaust emissions. Responsive and powerful performance, under all conditions, is ensured by the programmed Fuel Injection.

The Honda CB1300S is an impressive bike. It is wonderful to ride, and is attractive to be seen on. This is a big retro bike that is worth owning.

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Enquire About this Bike

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